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Buy Fredericton Used Auto Parts with a Standard Warranty



Your Source for New and Used Auto Parts in Fredericton

As “Gold Seal” members, customer assurance is key to our business.

We now offer our Standard Warranty of 90 days on all used parts and one year on all new and aftermarket parts. Our warranty is both competitive and attests to our confidence in the quality of our parts.

Extended Warranty Options
Silver Warranty of 6 Months on all Used Parts
Gold Warranty of 1 Year on all Used Parts
Platinum Warranty of 1 Year Used Parts and Labour

Please review all terms and conditions. If you have any questions about our warranty, please ask a member of our team. We are happy to assist you.

All parts are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of sale (not the date of installation) and will be accepted for refund for 30 days; credit, exchange or replacement thereafter with original invoice. 30 day parts warranty will apply to taxis and commercial vehicles, unless otherwise specified.

Extended warranties are optional and must be purchased on the original date of parts sale. Purchaser must also agree to all extended warranty conditions and obligations. Failure to comply with terms will void warranty. Extended warranties purchased are also non-refundable or non-transferable, and will not be combined with standard warranty period.

Parts not needed will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Parts must be in the same condition as when sold, and must be marked with company's original markings.

Electrical parts will be subject to replacement or credit only.

If a part is replaced under warranty, that part will remain under warranty for the balance of the original warranty term.

Any improper use, obvious abuse, neglect, careless handling, dismantling or alterations, damage done by improper installation or repairs will void warranty. Removal or melting of heat tabs installed will void warranty. Any product used in competition, racing, off-roading or related purposes will not be covered under warranty.

Warranty is parts only and does not cover expenses in removal or replacement of defective part, labour charges (unless a Platinum warranty is purchased), or any other expenses such as towing, emergency road services, lodging, loss of time, inconveniences, etc.

Warranty does not cover fluids, gaskets, seals, filters, hoses or other materials and parts used in the installation process. Accessories (defined at the time of purchase) left for customer convenience are also not warrantied.

Capital City Auto Parts reserves to replace, refund or issue credit to satisfy terms of warranty. All claims are subject to approval by Capital City Auto Parts.

All warranties purchased on engines, transmissions, rear ends/differentials must be installed by a certified technician or licensed garage. Gold and Platinum Warranties purchased for any used parts must also be installed by a licensed mechanic or certified garage. Documentation will be required for warranty claim.

All extended warranties are replacement warranties only, and are not valid for any cash refund.

ENGINES: Are guaranteed to be in good condition with reasonable limits of specifications. Our engines are equipped with heat tabs; overheating will void any warranty. Seals should be inspected and if necessary, replaced before installation. All fluids are drained from our engines; engine oil and filter must be replaced. Check all lubricant and coolant levels before starting engine. Only crankshaft, block, heads and valve train are covered under warranty. Accessories such as water pump, fuel pump, injection system, exhaust manifolds, distributors, oil pan are left for customer convenience only and may not come with the engine and are not covered under the warranty. To keep your warranty valid you must agree to the following maintenance schedule, at your own expense and by a licensed technician (do-it-yourself maintenance is not acceptable):

First service between 2000-2500kms after installation, oil and filter must be changed and all seals inspected for leaks. Every 3 months or 5000kms after initial service, proper oil change is needed. Please keep all installation and service records, repair orders and invoices related to part maintenance and service. In the event of parts failure you will be required to provide copies of installation and maintenance records.

STANDARD TRANSMISSIONS/REARENDS/DIFFERENTIALS: Are guaranteed functional. Gears are guaranteed at the time of purchase. Cracked casings, cracked or broken teeth after sale are obvious abuse and will not be warrantied. New gaskets and seals should be installed before installation of the part. Failure to change fluid and filter voids all warranty. Installation and maintenance, service records related to the part will be required in the event of parts failure and to validate warranty.

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS: Are guaranteed functional assemblies. Gaskets, front and rear seals should be replaced prior to installation. Some transmissions contain more than one fluid reservoir. Operating an assembly without proper lubricant and coolant voids warranty. Damage caused by improper alignment of convertor will also void warranty.


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